FUTURA FUND PCC is authorised by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission to operate as a Closed-end Fund and is categorised as a Professional Collective Investment Scheme under the Securities (Collective Investment Schemes and Closed-end Funds) Regulations 2008.

Investors in FUTURA FUND PCC are not protected by any statutory compensation arrangements in Mauritius in the event of the fund’s failure.

The Mauritius Financial Services Commission does not vouch for the financial soundness of FUTURA FUND PCC or for the correctness of any statements made or opinions expressed with regard to it.



FINANCIAL INVESTMENT SUPPORT for MAURITIAN ECONOMY (“FISME”) FISME is an investment cell within the PCC structure of Futura Fund.

FISME is a 100% Mauritian initiative bringing the public and private sector under one Fund to assist and support the local companies and thus the economy by providing short and long term financing. FISME strategy is to channel financing to both SMEs and distressed companies in this current urgent situation. By implementing a diversify investment strategy, the cell is expected to deliver a comfortable annualised return to investors.

The first strategy of FISME is to bring short to medium term financial support to local SMEs that require funding for working capital or expansion. Most of the SMEs have seen a drastic drop in their revenues so far and this may continue for the rest of 2020 at least.

The second strategy of FISME shall be to assist distressed companies. The Cell strategy should assess short-term liquidity requirements and find ways to quickly preserve value and address potential risks to bring stability. Access to cash and liquidity shall help to stabilise the company and a take a realistic view of the current situation.

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